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Work space resources for home working

Work space resources for home working

Perhaps you now have a team deployed at home, growing and developing your business no differently to as if they were in the office. You’ve no doubt provided them with a VPN for safe access, dropped off a spare screen or ergonomic office chair and even educated them on top tips for spotting a phishing email, and that’s all great, but have you asked them how their home set up actually is?

Many employees are having to create makeshift work spaces at home, unplanned for and without knowing how long they’ll be remote working for. We’re talking working on ironing boards, sofas and even on the floor.

Physical work stations have a direct impact on peoples well being, so we’ve pulled together a list of resources you can use to make sure your staff or even yourself, has got remote working right.

How to sit correctly at your deskadvice from the NHS 

5 minute office workoutvideo from Nuffield Health 

Workstation set upadvice from the Health and Safety Exec

Easy stretches for good posturevideo from the Guardian 

When it comes to cyber security if you’re not sure you’ve done all you can to protect your business from cyber scams, especially as businesses experience an increase in attacks during Covid-19, check out this infographic from the National Cyber Security Center which offers some top tips and advice.

Finally, we’ve put together a handy PDF on ‘Your successful guide to remote working‘ for advice on getting the IT side of things right from the start.

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