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Why Outsource IT?

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Why Outsource IT?

A question many businesses face is whether to outsource IT or employ full-time IT staff. If you’re currently reviewing your IT provision, here are six reasons why it’s beneficial to outsource to an IT managed services provider.

Why Outsource IT?

1. Cost saving

Outsourcing your IT is cost effective. You’ll get the IT support your business needs without needing to pay for expensive salaries, employee benefits and on-going training.

2. Support when you need it

With 24/7 IT support included as standard in most outsourcing contracts you’ll never be without IT assistance when you need it.

3. Technical expertise

Outsourcing your IT support will give your business access to a wide technical skill set at no additional cost.

4. Time saving

Handing over your IT support to an external provider will free up internal resource which can be deployed elsewhere.

5. The latest technology

Outsourced IT support providers keep abreast of and have access to the latest technologies. They can advise on the most appropriate services and solutions for your business and help you implement them to increase productivity.

6. Proactive monitoring

Systematic proactive monitoring is often included within an outsourced IT contract. Ongoing monitoring of your IT systems will ensure that issues are picked up and dealt with before they become problems and cause you downtime. Your business will be more productive as a result.

Our IT managed services offering delivers all of the benefits above for a single fixed price per user. To outsource IT, please contact us on 01392 207194.


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