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Why more businesses are moving to Microsoft Azure

Why more businesses are moving to Microsoft Azure

The Azure customer base is growing.

Azure is Microsoft’s answer to cloud infrastructure as a service (IasS) and platform as a service (PaaS) solutions in the market. Arguably the leading cloud solutions in the market.

The beauty of the Azure solution is the seamless integration it has with all of Microsoft’s other products. Whilst also being able to integrate with many third party services too.

Say goodbye to costly in house infrastructure and say hello to an environment which is safe and secure, allowing you to build, deploy and manage your data and apps with ease.

Let’s explore some of the key benefits of Microsoft Azure in more detail:


Azure has an extensive, multi-layered security model, with Microsoft investing $1 billion into their cyber security annually. With encryption, two-tier user authentication and integration with Azure’s SIEM solution (Azure Sentinel), data stored in the Azure Cloud will be fully secure. As well as this, Microsoft’s data centers all boast two-tier authentication, proxy card access readers and even biometric scanners. Microsoft Azure is also the first cloud provider to meet the ISO/IEC 27018 certification, set by the International Standards Organisation. So if you have any worries about the security surrounding Microsoft Azure, rest assured there’s barely anything out there more robust.


You need a Cloud solution that can grow and scale alongside your business. Azure has flexible manual and auto-scaling features, that can adapt in line with the demands of your application usage. You’ll never need to invest in or manage more technology than you are actually using. So for example if your business experiences peak seasons or high website traffic bursts, the solution can scale up when needed and back down when required

Cost effective 

On site servers are costly, it’s not just powering them, cooling and maintaining them, it’s the fact they need to be replaced every 5 years too. By moving to Azure, you’ll be paying a small and predictable monthly fee without the worry of any on site kit. Thanks to Azure’s consumption-based pricing structure, you will only ever pay for the features you use. This means you can minimise hardware costs by accessing the technical solutions you need from anywhere, anytime and reduce resource and labour expenses with simplified management features.


Microsoft provides the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings compared with any other Cloud service provider. Azure’s solutions can be tailored to both the technical needs and regulatory requirements of your business, whatever sector you operate in. With more than 35 compliance offerings, you effortlessly abide to such regulations as GDPR and HIPAA.


Azure supports a holistic Cloud environment. While you can integrate seamlessly with other Microsoft Cloud platforms such as Microsoft 365, Azure is also fully compatible with third-party applications.

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