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Why Cloud Backup Is Essential for Your Business

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Why Cloud Backup Is Essential for Your Business

As businesses continue to rely on the option to work from home, cloud backup storage is essential.

We’ve all been there, waking up the next day to find important files lost after hard work. This can be prevented with cloud backup storage and IT business support.

Here are three reasons why cloud backup is essential for any business, and how Bluegrass IT support based in Exeter can help.

Restoring and Protecting Data 

business cloud backup package will prevent you from losing important data with disaster recovery software. Using Microsoft Azure, you’ll never have to worry about hardware failures.

Cloud backup enables files to be stored digitally and retrieved from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

Long-term Affordability 

Cloud backup storage is cheaper than your traditional hard drive and the costs this takes to maintain.

With our cloud backup services, you can have a package tailored to your individual needs and not worry about paying for extra storage, as we only charge for what you use.

Investing in business cloud backup will lower the overall costs of your IT without the need for constant hardware and software updates.

Greater Accessibility and Collaboration 

As working from home becomes part of the new normal, being able to remotely access files and emails is important.

Our business cloud backup server enables remote access to important files and data, as users only need an internet connection. Meaning staff can work from anywhere.

Cloud backup also includes email continuity, a service that ensures workers can access emails and work on projects collaboratively with others, from the comfort of their home.

Investing in tailored business cloud backup and related services will give you added security and flexibility in uncertain times.

With a range of services on offer, we can help ensure remote working is flexible and secure.


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