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When should you replace your server?

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When should you replace your server?

You won’t want to replace your server too soon as they can be an expensive piece of kit. However, your server is a vital part of your IT infrastructure that needs to be able to support your business, so it has to perform.

We’re often asked, “When will we need a server upgrade?”. Here is a guide.

When is it time to replace your server?

Your server is more than three years old

The performance of most servers deteriorates after three years, and support costs begin to escalate. According to IDC, as soon as your server hits its fourth birthday, support costs rise by approximately 40%. These costs rise to 200% in year five, and if your server makes it to its seventh birthday, you’re looking at a 400% increase in costs.

IDC found that by neglecting to upgrade their server infrastructure in a timely fashion, IT organisations can lose up to 39% of peak performance and add up to 40% in application management costs and up to 148% in server administration costs.

Your server warranty has expired

It’s a good idea to replace your server before its warranty expires. If something happens to your server when it is out of warranty, you will have to pick up the potentially expensive repair bill.

Operating system upgrade

New operating systems and software packages have minimum hardware requirements. If you’re planning on upgrading your operating system, your current server may not be able to support it, and you may need a server update at the same time.

Slow performance

If you’re experiencing repeated problems with your server or it’s slow performing, it’s probably time to upgrade. While day-to-day issues may seem minor in isolation if you add the cost of downtime across the business, a new server could almost pay for itself in efficiency savings.

Your business needs have changed

If your business is in a period of growth or change, you may have outgrown your current server set-up. When your server reaches 70% capacity, or your drive space is running low, you will experience a drop in server performance and may need to upgrade.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your server or wondering whether your IT infrastructure is fit for purpose, please get in touch on 01392 207194. We can review your IT systems and advise on the most appropriate set-up taking into account your current business situation and strategy.


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