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What Is Proactive IT Support?

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What Is Proactive IT Support?

Proactive IT support is a relatively new form of IT support. Historically IT managed service companies operated on a ‘break fix’ model. This essentially works as follows:

  • Client has an IT problem
  • Client logs support ticket
  • IT managed service provider responds and fixes problem

Proactive IT support turns this model completely on its head.

Instead of the IT managed service company waiting for things to go wrong they proactively work in the background to spot and prevent issues. This ultimately means fewer problems and less downtime for the client.

What Does Proactive IT Support Involve?

Each IT managed service provider will offer differing levels of proactive IT support. We provide proactive support as standard within BlueCare, our IT managed services support package.

Our proactive IT support includes:

  • Remote monitoring of your workstations, servers, routers, printers and other network devices to ensure your IT network is always healthy and secure.
  • Identification and automatic updating of all software patches and hotfixes to all of your devices.
  • Monitoring critical items in your infrastructure through powerful monitors and scripts to ensure potential issues are identified and resolved before they can affect your network performance.
  • Continuous monitoring of the health and performance of mission critical hosted email services to stop spam and viruses before they infect your network.
  • Monitoring of the Windows event log and immediate remediation of critical events to safeguard your network against unexpected crashes and data loss.
  • Comprehensive monitoring and deployment of virus definitions and updates to protect your system.
  • Real time data back up.
  • Onsite monitoring visits.
  • Best practice recommendations.
  • Trend analysis of issues across your and all our other client’s infrastructure and supported hardware to identify fixes that will benefit your business and stop the issues from reoccurring.

Our IT monitoring runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Benefits Of Proactive IT Support

  • Your IT structure will be more robust, efficient and less likely to incur any downtime.
  • Any IT issues will have been identified (and probably fixed) long before you become aware of them.
  • When problems do arise they can be fixed quicker. Your IT managed service provider will already have access to reports and analytics which will lessen the time required for diagnosis, helping to shorten periods of downtime.
  • In the event of a disaster your IT system can be recovered quickly.
  • You’ll save money through less IT downtime and less time spent diagnosing and troubleshooting IT problems.

Overall most businesses benefit from a proactive IT service as it keeps their IT systems running in optimal condition at all times, thereby helping to reduce IT failures and outages.

If you’d like to find out more about our proactive IT services please give us a call on 01392 207194.


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