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What are the benefits of SLAs in IT support services?

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What are the benefits of SLAs in IT support services?

When looking for a new IT managed services provider, one of the first areas you should enquire about is the provider’s service level agreements (SLAs). There are many benefits of SLAs in IT support.

IT support providers commonly set SLAs for the response and resolution times of support tickets. We believe SLAs are the bedrock of excellent service.

What are the benefits of SLAs in IT support?

  • Reassurance and peace of mind – in setting an SLA your IT support provider has given a commitment to you. This allows you to run your business safe in the knowledge that your support tickets will be resolved in a timely manner.
  • Improved customer service – a good IT support provider will be constantly monitoring and analysing ticket resolution times, spotting trends, and seeking ways to improve SLAs across the board for the benefit of all.
  • Fast resolution – your support tickets will be prioritised and dealt with accordingly. Support tickets aren’t placed in a queue and handled on a first come, first served basis but are prioritised according to how critical they are to your business operation. But, with your SLA in place the less important issues will still be fixed in a timely manner.
  • Increased efficiency – your staff will know how long they may be required to wait for the problem to be fixed allowing them to redeploy their time if necessary and maintaining productivity.
  • Measurability – you can clearly see how well your IT support provider is meeting up to your expectations.

Achieving our service levels is important for driving quality standards higher. We don’t pay lip service to our SLAs and always aim to exceed them wherever possible. All of our actual service levels are open to annual audit and scrutiny by the external ISO auditor.

We provide all our support clients with a live dashboard which gives them access to see our response and resolution times for each ticket so they can easily track our performance against agreed SLAs.

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