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Webinar: Responding to a cyber attack – How to find the bug

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Webinar: Responding to a cyber attack – How to find the bug

Welcome to our third and final webinar in our cyber security webinar series, which we recorded for Cyber Security Awareness Week 2019.

In this webinar, “Responding to a cyber attack – How to find the bug”, our Managing Director, David Thomas, together with fellow Director Dan Grimes, share vital practical advice.

In the aftermath of a cyber attack, it’s vital to locate and eradicate all of the malicious code to prevent further damage. Watch the webinar and learn how to undertake this technical process as real-life experience is shared and explained.

If after watching this webinar, you require further assistance with responding to a cyber attack, please get in touch. You can call us on 01392 207194 or email us.


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