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Up your security game before it’s too late

Up your security game before it’s too late

If in the back of your mind, you know your business’s cyber security isn’t quite as robust as it should be, now is the time to change that.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to a heightened risk of cyber attacks across the UK, to both public sector organisations and private sector businesses.

Warnings have already been sent by the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) calling on organisations across the UK to sit up and take note.

NCSC which is part of GCHQ, has urged UK businesses to ‘bolster their online defenses.’

There is a historical pattern of cyber attacks on Ukraine which have had international consequences. On top of this Russia might also use cyber attacks in the UK to cause instability and disruption in our country in an attempt to take focus off the situation in Ukraine. Causing disruption through a virtual attack is both easier and quicker to achieve than any other form of attack on our country. Which is why business owners must review their current security measures now and take steps to improve their defenses.

As a Cyber Security focused IT support company, we would recommend at minimum:

  • Asking all staff to reset their passwords
  • Making use of a password manager (We love Last Pass)
  • Implementing Multi Factor Authentication
  • Reminding your team to be cautious when opening emails or clicking on links – or ideally roll out official cyber security staff training (Speak to us about our online cyber security awareness training)
  • Making sure you hit yes to those software upgrades and updates
  • Backup your data and check it’s being backed up correctly!
  • Review and test your disaster recovery plans, update them if necessary

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If you’d like to speak to someone today about increasing your businesses cyber security, give our team a call on 01392 796 779 now or email us.

NCSC have also issued guidance on how businesses can protect themselves, which you can find here: Actions to take when the cyber threat is heightened



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