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The post Covid law firm – agile first model

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The post Covid law firm – agile first model

An industry known for its traditional working practices, with an abundance of regulatory requirements and a reluctance to embrace innovation, law firms today must put technology at the forefront of their plans in order to survive.

There is no doubt that making the technology of your law firm more robust and adaptable to rapid change needs to be a priority for your business, not only to support a mobile workforce, but also to support your finances. In addition to this, more and more clients are demanding different ways of working and interacting with their legal advisors – it’s important these expectations are met.

The legal sector has faced rapid and forced change in recent times with increased client demands and low-cost expectations, digital disruptions, increased compliance and an abundance of new market entrants. Added to this has been growing cyber security concerns and data protection threats, giving many Law Firm leaders yet another area of concern to add to their ‘to do list’.

Our latest e-Guide explores why it is so imperative for law firms today to embrace technology, highlighting three key areas ripe for change and outlining the three key steps to follow to make it happen. Download it now.

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