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The inside cyber attack

The inside cyber attack

If I told you your biggest security threat to your business was on your payroll, how would you react?

By this I mean someone in your team will at some point click on a bad link and accidentally and unknowingly grant hackers access to your systems.

They won’t mean to do it but it’s known as insider negligence.

It’s a little different to an insider attack, which is where an employee knowingly sells your data, or makes it easy for someone to get in. This is called a malicious attack.

Without wanting to scare you too much, sadly insider threats are very real.

These attacks can come down to three key reasons:

1.Lack of cyber security training

Without training employees can miss the warning signs of a phishing email, dangerous attachment or spoofed web page.

A training gaps leaves your business vulnerable and is an easy fix with simple online training courses.

Scary fact – the cost of insider negligence can average £219,000.

2.You have a malicious insider in your business

Someone who knows how to access your sensitive data and is aware of the weaknesses in your business could be a malicious employee. Reasons for insider attacks could be simply financial based or it could come from a disgruntled, unhappy employee.

Scary fact – the cost of a malicious attack can average £539,000.

3. Imposter Theft

This is when someone has access to your credentials and uses them to access your business’s sensitive data.

Scary fact- the cost of imposter theft can average £620,000.

If this has got you concerned, then awareness is the first step and action is the next. Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered with the action part in our latest guide.

In this guide you’ll find out the 5 key areas that must be part of your business’s strategy in order to prevent these type of attacks.

Download this guide now.

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