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SMEs most vulnerable to cyber crime

SMEs most vulnerable to cyber crime

A recent report has highlighted how SMEs are at one of the greatest risks from cyber attacks in the UK compared to businesses of other sizes*.

It noted that 65% of SMEs suffered a cyber attack from 2019-20 compared to 46% of all businesses on average.

That’s a bit of a scary statistic if you’re running an SME right now isn’t it?

Yet, you might still think it just won’t happen to your business.

Unfortunately there’s a very high chance it will. Which is why we have put together three unique videos that demonstrate how easy attacks can happen.

We instructed an ethical hacker to break into 3 computers in just minutes using three different types of attack.

Not only will you see it from the victims view, but you’ll also see what the hacker can see and what they get access to. It’s a fascinating but terrifying watch.


Watch these videos here


Why have we’ve gone to the effort to do this?

It’s our job to keep businesses safe from cyber crime. Which is why we bang the drum continuously about protecting your business. Sometimes however, this message isn’t always heard until it’s too late.

So we wanted to give business owners a little insight into our world, to explain why we are so fearful of attacks and how easily they can be carried out. By having this unique insight, hopefully business owners will put cyber security higher up on their agenda and prioritise deploying cyber security measures sooner rather than later.

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*Statistics from Towergate Insurance


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