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Two Factor Authentication

Enhanced security for data access

Cyber criminals have easy access to software that can crack and decipher passwords on a mass scale. Your business security is also vulnerable to those employees who don’t take adequate care of their password practices.Our secure two-factor authentication solution provides powerful authentication to make remote access to your company network and sensitive data safe, but hassle-free.

two factor authentication Features

Two Step Verification

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a two-step verification or multi-factor authentication which provides an extra layer of security and is an essential addition to your cyber security protection.


The advantage of one time passwords is that they are randomly generated and can’t be predicted or reused.

Simple Mobile Based

Our two-factor authentication product is a simple mobile-based solution that uses two-factor, one-time password authentication for accessing your VPN and Outlook Web Access.


Our system is easy to set up and compatible with Android, Symbian and Windows phones, and any phone supporting SMS messaging

two factor authentication Benefits

Mobile Friendly

The mobile application is a one-tap installation and is compatible with any phone that supports SMS messaging.

Simple Installation

Installing the software on your server is simple. The installer automatically recognises the operating system and selects all suitable components.

PIN Protection

The two-factor authentication application is also PIN protected to prevent fraud if the mobile phone is lost or stolen.


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