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Managed WiFi

Datto Managed WiFi

Datto Blue Partner
Not too long ago, WiFi for business was rare. Then came the IEEE 802.11n standard, and things changed. Today, WiFi is everywhere, and small to medium sized businesses are right in the middle of it.
The current standard is 802.11ac Wave 2. Now, if you don’t understand what Wave 2 means, that’s ok. What you need to know is that it is faster and can handle more connections than any previous standard. Wave 2 is what has the potential to turn your mediocre WiFi into really good WiFi.

Managed wifi features

Managed wifi

We align ourselves with the best technology vendors so that we can proactively deliver great service to our clients. Datto are one such provider.

Datto have designed access points specifically for your business needs, to ensure you get the best and most broad wireless coverage.

Powerful Wifi

WiFi networking should always be available, accessible throughout your office, and seamless to every user.

That’s why Datto Networking WiFi access points deliver powerful, seamless roaming for always connected WiFi.

With options ranging from 2 x 2 dual band ac Wave 2 to the newest Tri-Band ac Wave 2 model, you will experience powerful WiFi, backed by Bluegrass and the team at Datto.

Self Healing Mesh

All Datto Networking access points are mesh enabled and get their power from PoE+ (802.3af/at).

Access points work together to form a self-organising, self-healing, encrypted mesh network with seamless WiFi roaming automatically enabled.

That means no more dead spots.

It’s WiFi continuity, wherever it’s needed.

pluggng in the Datto AP there is nothing to install on your premises.

Everything is setup in the cloud, then just-plug-it in.

Plug it in install

To install Datto Networking AP’s, it’s a matter of just plugging in the devices. That’s because all Datto APs get their configuration from the cloud. Set up the configuration once, then plug in the AP. It really is that simple. Other than plugging in the Datto AP there is nothing to install on your premises.

Everything is setup in the cloud, then just-plug-it in.


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