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Email Encryption

Protect the confidentiality of your emails

VIPRE email encryption software is a specialised security technology for protecting the confidentiality and integrity of email messages and at-tachments while in transit, in use or in storage.In the ever changing IT landscape, organisations are in need of an integrated email encryption tool that works seamlessly with their existing cloud security services.

Email Encryption features


No additional steps or workflows are needed by the sender.

By using Email Security Encryption, the email system is already set up to encrypt emails containing sensitive information.

There are no interruptions to the sender’s process, encryption is carried out behind the scenes.


In the past, recipients of encrypted email would need to download software to their machine in order to de-crypt a message.

With VIPRE Email Security Encryption this is no longer the case.

Decrypted emails can be easily accessed through a safe and secure web portal.


There are a number of ways Email Security Encryption makes sure that your emails are securely transported.

Email Security Encryption encrypts the message body as well as any attachments using OpenSSL with AES-256-CBCL. The messages are transported using the secure TLS protocol.

The messages can only be accessed by the recipient using a unique message link that is tied to their email address and sent to their email account.

Additionally the recipient needs to input a password in order to access the email and its content through the secure portal.


Email Security Encryption enables organisations of all sizes to provide their users with the ability to encrypt emails containing sensitive data.

VIPRE uses the existing Advanced Policies feature in our cloud email security portal and couples it with the VIPRE encryption engine to provide a seamless end user experience.

IT administrators can set up custom policies to trigger encryption or use a set of predefined policies provided by VIPRE when they sub-scribe to Email Security Encryption. This enables an administrator to protect the sensitive information being shared with users outside the organisation in a more sustainable way.


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