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Email Continuity


Three-quarters of businesses suffer an unplanned email outage each year. How effectively would your business function without email access, even for just a short time?

We can set up your email continuity system within a working day and without any disruption to your staff.

Email Continuity Features


Our email continuity service ensures your business will always have access to email even when your servers go offline.

user access

If your primary service is offline, your users will be able to log in to their email via your web interface to send, receive and forward emails.


Following a restore of service, any messages received and sent during the outage will be available in your user’s mailboxes.

24/7 availability

Should your servers or Office 365 service go offline your emails will still be accessible regardless of the time of the day.

Email Continuity Benefits

Storage during outage

Automatic saving of all email activity while your primary service is unavailable. Plus no bounced messages during an email outage.


Queued messages will be redelivered when the system comes back online.


Rapid retrieval of lost or accidentally deleted emails.

Spam Protection

Automatic spam and virus removal to help keep your email system safe.


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