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Data Encryption


Data is a critical part of your business, but this most valuable asset often poses a huge risk when it travels, or you transmit it beyond your network.


Our simple-to-use data encryption application will protect your data against theft, hacking malware, and accidental data loss. It automatically encrypts your content which stays encrypted even when it’s shared or uploaded to a cloud-based, file-sharing system.

Data Encryption Features


Sharing content with people outside of your organisation is simple and doesn’t require the recipient to install any software.


Users can decrypt files to make them publicly available with one simple click. Each decryption instance is logged to help prevent accidental data leakage.

User Centric

If a user has more than one computer, you can enable device encryption and protect all of the user’s computers with one easy action.

Mobile Devices

Secure synchronisation with mobile devices gives seamless and secure access to encrypted files on iOS and Android devices


Secure Collaboration

Next-gen encryption is always on, securing all your data on all platforms and devices: laptops, desktops, mobile devices, and the cloud. When sharing data externally, users can choose to decrypt the file, or to password-protect it.

Real-Time Protection

In the event of an active infection, the encryption keys are temporarily revoked, proactively protecting your data against infection.

Data Breach Prevention

Next-gen encryption prevents your data getting into the wrong hands. It’s always on, encrypting all your data, right from its creation. And the information remains encrypted at all times, even when transferred to a shared folder, USB stick, or the cloud.

Stay Compliant

By automatically encrypting everything, you always start from a position of security making your compliance much easier to manage. With all your data encrypted you’ll satisfy the data protection requirements of the GDPR.


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