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Reflecting on Covid-19; effects on business growth

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Reflecting on Covid-19; effects on business growth

Our Group MD talks exclusively to our Partner Datto, the world’s leading provider of cloud-based software and technology solutions, about Covid 19 and the effects on our business as a South West Managed Services Provider.

Q: How did the global pandemic affect your business operations over the last four months? Did it present growth opportunities? Or rather, a slowing of business growth?

A: Here at Bluegrass Group, we experienced a number of impacts during the initial COVID-19 period, a big one being internal. Having never needed to move all of our staff out of the office, we weren’t sure how it would go. Technology-wise we were obviously confident, but culture wise, it was complete unknown territory. Luckily for us, our staff proved to be even more committed from home than ever before, and it’s opened our eyes to how we can operate as a team in the future. Opportunity-wise, we witnessed a number of clients quickly diversifying their business to cope with this pandemic. We were really impressed with the way in which our clients handled this crisis, thinking fast on ways to keep their business running and actually thriving during this difficult time. Our clients became more open to technology services than ever before. COVID-19 has forced many businesses to think more digitally. Businesses across the globe are now placing more importance on their IT infrastructure, their IT budgets are bigger and their digital presence has accelerated. We also took a step back to assess our current offering and decide how we could shape it to be better suited for the ‘new normal’. We were determined to fight through the pandemic fog and come out stronger than ever before. We already feel our culture and our offering is the best it’s ever been.

Q: Has the global pandemic changed how you plan to operate your MSP moving forward? Is there anything that you now offer that you didn’t before? Or maybe your services are packaged differently. If you’ve made any long term changes, let us know!

A: Absolutely. We’ve actually made significant changes to our business over the last 4 months, more than we have in the last 12 months. The world has changed, and we have changed with it. Our support packages are now even more flexible; with affordable packages available for businesses of all shapes and sizes, whether fully remote or half and half. We’ve quickly learnt that clients want convenience and someone they can trust when things go wrong. Luckily for us the latter is one of our key values, but now, by widening our services to include both telephony and connectivity services alongside IT support and consultancy, our clients can have great support across all their technologies. This has resulted in one bill, one point of contact, and a fully integrated experience.

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