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My computer is so slow and I don’t know why?

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My computer is so slow and I don’t know why?

This is something we hear time and time again from business and personal customers. The worst part is that they think a new PC is the only answer! OK, sometimes the only answer is to replace the PC but with a small amount of checking it’s possible not only speed-up the PC but to also save yourself money.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why the PC may be slow (there are potentially a lot more reasons than listed below).

    1. It’s old!
    2. It just needs more memory
    3. Unnecessary programs loading when the PC starts (you often don’t see these!)
    4. The virus checker is killing the PC (Norton is a real killer)
    5. Temporary files filing the hard drive
    6. Your PC has a virus!
    7. Many other reasons…..

Over the coming weeks I’ll tackle each of the above points so that you can have a go at rejuvenating your PC! However, as a starter you could try the following:

    1. Go to and run their System Scanner Tool. It’s a great application that scans your PC and recommends what options you have with the PC memory. Crucial not only offer great memory but the pricing is also good. Extra memory can make dramatic improvements to the speed of a PC.
    2. top unnecessary programs from running. If you know what you’re doing then use msconfig – but only if you know what you’re doing.
    3. Get a new virus checker! This may seem a little drastic but this one step can improve the performance of your PC if you’re using something like Norton Anti-Virus or Norton Internet Security (sorry Norton!). There are many options available. For example, AVG and ESET both produce good products that are not too hard on the PC.
    4. Virus check the PC
    5. Delete any temporary files. Again please take care with this one…if in doubt wait for my blog that will explain how to delete them.

So in summary, before you rush out to buy a new PC it’s worth checking to see if some simple changes can save you money.

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