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Malware – SMEs Beware

Malware – SMEs Beware

Running a business is a complex job. Managing the IT for an SME is a complex job.

Not least because cyber crime is growing and you have to change your defenses continuously in order to keep your business safe.

No doubt malware is one of those words you just don’t want to hear. It fills even the most experienced IT professionals with dread.

So, what is malware? It’s a type of malicious software that’s been designed to either damage your IT systems or steal your companies data; or both.

In fact a recent survey revealed that 29% of cyber crimes affecting SMEs were malware attacks*.

They say that knowledge is power. Which is why we have created a guide to help businesses in the South West and across the UK understand what the 9 most terrifying types of malware look like.

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*Towergate Insurance



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