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IT Support vs. Managed Services Provider


IT Support vs. Managed Services Provider

If you’re scoping the market for a new partner for your business’s IT and communications, you may have come across the term Managed Services Provider (MSP).

But what is an MSP and how does it differ to a typical IT Support company?

Let’s explore the difference:

Traditionally, an IT support company works a lot like a plumber – you call them when something is broken. They send somebody to look at the problem. He or she would troubleshoot the problem and send you a bill afterwards for the time spent resolving the issue.

The emphasis here is that they react to problems that have already occurred.

What differentiates Managed Services from traditional IT support is that the responsibility and risk associates with managing your IT systems shifts to the Managed Services Provider (MSP).

MSPs are guardians of your IT, delivering ongoing monitoring and management of applications and IT infrastructure. This is typically accomplished through remote monitoring services and proactive solutions, which allows the MSP to keep the business running.

With an MSP you have access to a team of experts who develop an in depth understanding of your business. They are responsible for ensuring your day to day operations run efficiently and effectively. This includes network monitoring, cyber security, staff training and hardware upgrades and maintenance.

The role of the MSP is to ensure your business has the tools and technologies required to achieve your organisational goals and ambitions. Should your technology ever hit a bump in the road (which it will at some point), the MSP will get to work on the issue before you even notice.

Founded in 1998, Bluegrass Group are a South West based MSP, supporting over 90 small and medium sized businesses across the region.

We focus on quality, innovation, listening to our clients and striving to set continually high and industry-leading standards. We believe this mindset and desire to lead is what sets us apart from other IT support companies.

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