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Is your technology putting off Gen Z?

Is your technology putting off Gen Z?

A recent study found that one third of UK employees are more likely to accept a job where they’ll get an Apple product, like an iPhone or MacBook. And that rises to 49% of Gen Z employees.

Add to this that by 2030, your workforce will be made up of 74% of Gen Z and millennials, as Gen X and baby boomers retire, it’s worth sitting up and taking note.

It might sound like bad news if Apple isn’t your business brand of choice. And for many of us, it isn’t. That’s because we place more importance on the benefits that Microsoft brings to us.

If you’re currently recruiting, or plan to later this year, how do you get around this?

Our advice would be to highlight your use of Microsoft and all of its amazing tools, M365, Teams and Azure to name a few. Because let’s face it, they’re not only a benefit to you, but they really do help your team to get their jobs done with less stress.

Really, the culture and ethics of your business should be a much bigger draw than the technology you use. Just 19% of UK businesses work on Apple devices. That’s a lot of potential jobs for candidates to be turning down!

So you don’t need to rush out and upgrade all your laptops to MacBooks, but when it comes to recruitment and staff retention, remember technology can play a key part!

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