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Is your phone system affecting your revenue growth?

Is your phone system affecting your revenue growth?

For many businesses, their phones are their lifeline for generating new revenue.

Even in our age of email and messaging, there’s something powerful about the phone. Fewer people call into a business these days. But those that do are often ready, willing and able to buy.

Perhaps you rely on your phones to be able to correctly route inbound calls to your staff, whether they’re working in the office or at home.

Or maybe you need your phones for outbound calling, either for business development or to keep in touch with existing clients.

However you rely on them, when your phones are working as they should, you almost don’t notice them. It’s only when they go wrong that they catch your attention.

No-one likes it when the phones go down or don’t work as they should. Your team get frustrated too. They lose momentum in the work they were doing.

So ask yourself now… have you been frustrated with your business’s phones more than once in the last month?

Yes? Then you really must do something about it.

Your phones are too important to leave this to chance. The latest modern VoIP phones are reliable and powerful. 

A cloud-based phone system is also much more cost effective than a traditional landline. It runs across your already installed internet connection, saving you cost on your line rental.

Landline phones are vulnerable to outages from poor weather conditions, power outages and accidental wire cuts. This can mean your phone system is down for hours even days, costing your business money.

Even if you lose power and internet, your VoIP system can still work by simply routing it to your mobile phones.

Call quality is a common issue with traditional phone systems. For example if a handset or wiring issue is present, you’ll soon notice the call quality drop which can be quite disruptive to your staff. Replacement handsets can be expensive and also require on going maintenance too.

It’s easy to see how a poor performing phone system can impact your businesses ability to drive revenue.

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