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Is your business prepared for the PSTN switch off?


Is your business prepared for the PSTN switch off?

If you’re one of the 2 million businesses (according to Ofcom) still using PSTN connections, now is the time to consider your next move when it comes to telephony.

What is a PSTN connection?

PSTN stands for Public Switched Telephone Network. It’s a telephone system that has been in use since the 1800s! (Let that just sink in). It’s all based on underground copper wires and has enabled people to communicate with each other for centuries.

However, as with any old form of technology, the world has moved on and PSTN connections unfortunately haven’t moved on with it.

The increasing reliance on internet based communications has meant that the dusty, bulky physical phone systems sat in your offices are now just a bit unnecessary for many businesses. Not to mention costly too.

This mixed with the fact that Openreach has announced the switch off of PSTN services in 2025, means that at some point your business really HAS to consider it’s other voice options sooner rather than later.

Enter VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol is one of the main options when it comes to saying goodbye to PSTN. VoIP, also known as Cloud Telephony simply equates to calls being made across the internet rather than across copper wires.

It’s becoming an extremely popular choice for businesses across the South West for many reasons and we’ve outlined the main ones below to help you understand if Cloud Telephony is for you.

Key benefits of moving your business to a Cloud Telephony system

No line rental
With the savings made on your line rental and call costs we can deliver the new solution without affecting your bottom line.

Voice optimised broadband
We can provide a connection guaranteed to support your phone calls.

Your existing telephone number
Your number will be transferred onto the new telephone system so there will be no need for a change, (even if you move out of the area). This makes it easy for your customers to stay in touch.

Any UK area code
Users can have a telephone number from any location in the UK.

You can never outgrow it
Extra users can be added at any time with no limit.

It is fully scalable
The system can cater for businesses of any size, irrespective of whether you trade from a single site or many offices.

Improved call management
We can automatically redirect your calls to any chosen number should your phones go offline.

Moving premises?
Simply take the phones with you. No expensive set up costs and no physical telephone systems.

Future-proof system
You won’t have to replace the system in a few years to get the latest features; you will automatically receive the latest upgrades.

Disaster recovery
Our system is hosted on servers in seven different locations, so in the event that one of our servers fail, one of the others immediately takes over.

Full local support
We’ll be on hand in the event of any issues.


Of course the official switch off is over 3 years away, but with all these great business benefits on offer, the question is, why wait?

Just because an old technology is around, it doesn’t mean you should still use it.

Just like upgrading your mobile phone (which most people do every 1 to 2 years) upgrading your business phone system will deliver cost savings and additional features now that you can benefit from straight away.

So if you’d like to find out more about Cloud Telephony, get in touch with us on 01392 796 779 or email us now.

You can also view our  Cloud Telephony brochure here.

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