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Is VoIP secure?

Is VoIP secure?

Is VoIP secure?

If you’re one of the many businesses considering a move to a VoIP phone system, you’ll already know that a cloud based telephony system is a flexible, cost effective tool that can revolutionise the way your business communicates.

All you need is an internet connection and you can enjoy flexible, feature rich low cost calling.

Couple this with the fact that BT Openreach is switching off the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) in 2025, VoIP isn’t a case of if, but when.

However, like with any cloud based solution, you do need to make sure it’s safe and secure.

Here’s out top tips to do just that:

Tip #1 Use strong passwords

Most VoIP systems come with pre-set passwords, often available publicly. Make sure you change these immediately. We’d always recommend using a password manager and at minimum use a randomly generated password consisting of 12 characters including numbers, upper and lower case letters and symbols.

Tip #2 Set up a firewall

If spam or a threat comes your way, the firewall will identify and gain control over it, shielding your system from attack.

Tip #3 Use a VPN for remote workers

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are clever software that encrypts traffic regardless of your employee’s location. So to prevent data leaks and breaches, set up a network for your remote staff. If your VPN is well configured, the call quality wont be affected either.

Tip #4 Restrict Calling 

Toll fraud is one of the most common types of VoIP attack. If you run a local business, make sure you turn the international call option off. Be sure to block 1-900 numbers too to help avoid this type of fraud.

Tip #5 Train your staff

Your employee’s can be your greatest protection or your biggest threat. Ensure they’re the former by holding regular cyber security awareness training sessions. Train your people how to spot unusual network activity and to report suspicious behavior.

Tip #6 Deactivate web interface use

Unless it’s essential to the running of your business, we would recommend you deactivate the web interface used for your VoIP system. If you really do need to use it, make sure you pay special attention to securing it. Just one user who falls victim to an attack can leave the whole system exposed. All of your data can be stolen by an external party in text format as a result.

VoIP systems are a great alternative to traditional landlines and will save you money too. Just be sure to follow these tips if you have just adopted VoIP or make a note of them if moving across to VoIP is on your road map.

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