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How well did your MSP cope?

How well did your MSP cope?

The Covid-19 pandemic threw thousands of businesses sideways, forcing many to shut their offices and replicate productivity from totally new locations; people’s homes. Some were prepared for this, but for most it was completely new territory. Business owners would have looked to their MSP and IT Providers for help and support to make this unexpected change happen.

So as we start easing back into some form of business normality, now is the time to ask; HOW DID YOUR PROVIDER DO? 

We recommend you ask yourself these key questions to help you decide if you’d want them by your side if another crisis was ever to fall at your door:

  • Did they proactively and promptly reach out to you to discuss your situation and how they could help?
  • Did you feel that client and employee health and protection was a priority for them?
  • Did they do all they could to get you set up as quickly as possible with minimal disruption?
  • Did they maintain their SLAs?
  • Was their communication with you increased?
  • Did you receive a support discount for furloughed staff?
  • Did they proactively warn you to be alert for Covid-19 related cyber scams?
  • Were you supported day and night without hidden extra charges?
  • Finally, did they support you rather than sell to you?

If you can’t answer yes to any of the above questions, it might be time to review the market. As awful as these times can be, a crisis is normally a great test to find out who is really there for you and who isn’t, personally and professionally. It might be that your current MSP really wanted to be able to support you, but they just couldn’t cope under pressure. If that’s the case, it might be that you have outgrown your current supplier and need to move on to one who can cope with your needs, no matter what is thrown at them.

If you’re still not sure if you and your supplier are a good fit, read our ‘5 signs it’s time to change provider’ blog which provides more detail on the warning signs that you could do better.

At Bluegrass, we’ve taken the opportunity during the Covid-19 crisis to show our clients how much we care about their business and their people. Our clients would be able to answer YES to ALL of the above questions and we’re confident they felt we did everything in our power to support them as best we could, without compromising health or taking any kind of advantage of the situation. After all, our clients are very much part of the Bluegrass family.

If you’d like a FREE virtual technology review as part of your current provider evaluation, simply email us or call us on 01392 207 194 today and one of our tech experts will carry out the review within 7 working days via video conference call with you.


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