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How to protect against ransomware

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How to protect against ransomware

If you don’t adequately protect against ransomware, your business is vulnerable to one of the most damaging threats to your business.

Most businesses have some form of IT security in place but even the best security solutions don’t offer full protection. Good IT practices alongside security software provide the best defence against a ransomware attack.

7 practices to protect against ransomware

1. Data backup

Regularly backup your data and keep a copy offline and offsite. If your data is corrupted by a ransomware attack you will easily be able to recover it from a backup.

2. Show hidden file extensions

Enable the file extensions setting so you can easily spot suspicious file types.


3. Open JavaScript files in Notepad

If you receive a JavaScript email attachment open it in Notepad. Notepad will block it from running any malicious scripts so you can check the file contents.

4. Disable macros

Turn off auto-execution of macros in document attachments received via email.

5. Be vigilant

If you’re uncertain if the email is genuine don’t click on any attachments. Check with the sender if you’re unsure otherwise delete it.

6. Patch or update your software

Malware authors frequently rely on users running outdated software with known vulnerabilities. Keep your software up to date and install security patches as soon as they are released.

7. Use security features

Business software providers regularly add new security features to their products so make sure you use them. For example, Microsoft Office 2016 now includes a control “Block macros from running in Office files from the internet”, which helps protect against external malicious content without preventing you from using macros internally.

Combine the practices above with security protection technologies and you will give your business the best defence to protect against ransomware.

If you have any concerns or queries about ransomware protection, we have a dedicated cyber security team who would be pleased to help. You can contact them at or on 01392 207194.


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