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How do you deal with email spam?

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How do you deal with email spam?

We all receive irritating spam emails but did you know that there are billions of spam emails sent every day?  Not only are they irritating but they also potentially carry damaging attachments that can cause problems for your business.

There is also another aspect that’s an issue for small businesses and that’s the amount of time wasted dealing with spam.  Have you ever considered how the minutes add up and cost your business?

By way of an example, we were talking to one client about the amount of spam they received.  When the client had considered the interruption time, opening the email, briefly reading it, deleting the email and moving on to the next one they estimated that on average an employee spent 15 minutes spread throughout the day dealing with spam emails.

On the face of it 15 minutes a day is not much, but if we assume that a member of staff works for 43 weeks a year then they waste approximately 1.5 weeks a year.  When they then multiplied that by the number of staff they found that approx 13 weeks a year where lost on dealing with spam emails!  It was even more frightening when they calculated the cost of lost time!

If this where your business what would you give to have an extra 13 weeks available to progress the business?  Especially, as you’re already paying for them!

So it’s worth considering how much time you and your employees spend dealing with spam emails.  Depending on what software you use this may be a small or large figure.  Don’t forget to apply an hourly or daily charge rate.

With the right solution in place, you can claim back time that belongs to your business and at the same time protect your business from viruses etc.

One of the most effective solutions we’ve found is the use of ‘offsite’ spam filtering.  The right offline partner will stop over 98% of spam getting through to you.  You also don’t have to worry about legitimate emails being stopped as you have control to release stopped emails.

An additional benefit is that your broadband connection has less traffic, and your PC and/or server will be under less strain.

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