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With lockdowns being enforced to varying degrees all around the world, many companies have allowed employees to work from home. While this has liberated your workforce, it has put a significant amount of strain on businesses’ infrastructure. Here are just a few ways that using IT support like Bluegrass could keep your company going, and even thriving, through this difficult time.

Higher capacity

Firstly, by using IT support; your business’ network capacity can significantly increase. With detailed advice from Bluegrass’ team of experts, you will be able to tailor your network to your own specific requirements. Whether this is a high-capacity network with the ability to handle mass video calls, or you need to be able to move large files between locations, your network can be designed around you. With higher capacity, your business is ready to deal with much more traffic and can go without having to deal with major outages affecting your business.

A more agile business

With an IT infrastructure designed with working from home in mind, your business is in a much better position for years to come. For example, if an employee is struggling to get out of the house but still wants to work for you, your upgraded infrastructure can support that. This crisis can be an opportunity to set your business up in a more agile way, so you can continue to be productive even if nobody can get into the office.

Managed IT Support can make this happen

You can only take these steps forward with the help of one of the best IT support companies, specifically Bluegrass. If you’re interested in anything from cloud backup services to an IT network support, get in touch for a quote today and our friendly team of experts can help you to get on the path to a thriving future.

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