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Guide to better Endpoint protection

Guide to better Endpoint protection

Endpoints are the collection of computers, mobile devices, servers, and smart gadgets that make up your company’s network and IT infrastructure.

Each of those devices is a chance for a hacker to penetrate a company’s defences. 64% of organisations have experienced one or more compromising endpoint attacks.

The following solutions are focused on the protection of endpoint devices.

Address Password Vulnerabilities

Passwords are one of the biggest vulnerabilities when it comes to endpoints.

Poor password security and breaches make credential theft one of the biggest dangers to cybersecurity.

Address password vulnerabilities in your endpoints by:

    • Training employees on proper pass- word creation and handling
    • Look for passwordless solutions, like biometricsInstall multi-factor authentication (MFA) on all accounts

Update All Endpoint Security Solutions

You should regularly update your endpoint security solutions. It’s best to automate software updates if possible so they aren’t left to chance.

Firmware updates are often forgotten about.

But they are just as important for ensuring your devices remain secure and protected.

Use Modern Device & User Authentication

How are you authenticating users to access your network, business apps, and data?

If you are using only a username and password, then your company is at high risk of a breach.

Use two modern methods for authentication:

    • Contextual authentication
    • Zero Trust approach (Trust but Verify)

Device Lifecycle

From the time a device is first purchased to the time retires, you need to have security protocols in place.

Examples of device lifecycle security include when a device is first issued to a user. This is when you should remove unnecessary privileges.

When a device moves from one user to another, it needs to be properly cleaned of old data and reconfigured for the new user.

When you retire a device, it should be properly scrubbed.

Prepare for Device Loss or Theft

Unfortunately, mobile devices and laptops get lost or stolen. When that happens, you should have a sequence of events that can take place immediately. This prevents company risk of data and exposed business accounts.

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