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Educating Staff On Cyber Security

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Educating Staff On Cyber Security

The incidence of cyber crime is on the rise and becoming increasingly more sophisticated. Educating staff on cyber security is more important than ever.

Phishing and ransomware attacks now look so authentic that employees are easily hoodwinked into unwittingly downloading viruses and malware.

Educating your staff to be alert to a potential cyber attack is crucial.

Educating Staff On Cyber Security

Implement A Security Policy

Internet downloads are a common source of viruses and malware. Introduce a clear security policy which outlines what employees can download and install on their work computers. Make sure staff understand and abide by these rules.

Create A Strong Password Policy

Weak passwords provide an easy route for hackers to gain access to your IT system. Implement a strong password policy and educate your staff on how to create and remember strong passwords.

Read our earlier blog post for tips on how to create a strong password policy here.

Highlight The Dangers Of Suspicious Links

Demonstrate to employees what they need to look out for and make sure they know that suspicious emails, links and downloads should never be opened, even if they know the source.

Introduce Clear Reporting Procedures

Make sure staff know how to deal with a potential cyber attack and who to report it to. If one employee has received a phishing email it’s highly likely that several others will have to. The quicker you can issue a warning to all staff, the better.

Remind Regularly

Regularly update staff and remind them of the cyber security threats. Encourage them to report anything suspicious.

Test Your Employees

Run a simulated phishing attack to test your employee’s response. This will identify where you have vulnerabilities in the business and where additional training is required.

If you’re worried about cyber security we can provide awareness training for your employees on your behalf. We can also run test phishing emails to check employee response. To find out more please call us on 01392 207194 or drop us an email.


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