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Eco tips for a greener office

Eco tips for a greener office

We all care about the environment right?

So with most of us back in the office now (at least a few days a week) it’s perfect timing to consider your office energy usage.

Follow our top tips for a greener approach to your technology:

Reduce your screen’s brightness

You’ll barely notice this one. Just reduce brightness from 100% down to 70% and you can save up to 20% of your monitor’s energy.

Turn off your computer

Heading home? Turn off screens and computers. Most devices boot up quickly these days, so a small wait in the morning is well worth the energy saving.

Charge correctly

Did you know charging your phone to 100% overnight can also age your lithium-ion smart phone battery? Most smart phone makers actually suggest keeping your phone at around 30% – 50% charged to help extend your battery lifespan.

Use Ecosia instead of Google

How many times a day do you do a Google search? By switching from Google to Ecosia you’ll support a non-profit search engine which plants trees with it’s advertising revenue. To date, they have planted over 100 million trees from their search revenue.

Recycle old devices

Lots of our tech uses earth’s rare elements and with some of these elements predicted to be dissipated within the next 100 years, we all need to think twice before we throw devices away.

Consider gifting old devices to school or charities to help extend their use.

Go paperless

Digitalisation and online collaboration tools are meaning the paperless office is becoming even more possible. Make use of real-time document editing software and cloud storage to reduce your printer use. Save money and the environment.

Used Recycled Paper

If you do HAVE to print something, print it out on recycled printer paper. Today you you’ll struggle to notice any difference in quality.

Turn off the lights

Make use of as much of the natural light in your office as you can. Open blinds, don’t block windows or sources of natural light.


Thinking ‘green’ when it comes to technology is not only good for the environment and your wallet, it’s also good for your brand too.

What’s not to love?


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