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Disaster recovery case study

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Disaster recovery case study

What is your disaster recovery plan? If there was a catastrophic situation in your business and you couldn’t access your premises or computer systems what would happen?

We recently put our business continuity suite into action and demonstrated to a client that in the event of a disaster we could get the IT systems up and running within minutes. Here’s our disaster recovery case study.

The challenge

At 9.30 one weekday morning we received a call from a client asking us to respond to a disaster recovery situation.

Earlier that morning our client, a manufacturer, had been contacted by their insurance company and asked to initiate a disaster recovery simulation. Starting with a burned down building, our client received a series of scenarios throughout the day which it had to deal with and respond to as if the situation was real.

We agreed that two of their employees would come onsite to use our business continuity suite and we would reinstate their IT systems so they could work remotely.

The solution

Our fully serviced business continuity suite offers temporary office accommodation for our managed service clients. We can accommodate up to 20 users and provide them with full access to their emails and files.

The suite was free that day, so we immediately dedicated the area to our client.

Within 30 minutes we had PCs set up with email access and had initiated a data backup restoration. When our client’s staff arrived on site, everything was in place. They could access all their IT systems and work as if they were in their regular office.

The outcome

Our client satisfied its insurers that its backup IT infrastructure is sufficient to withstand a catastrophic event. The team now have peace of mind that in the event of a disaster they will be able to recover their IT systems and continue their business operation.

The Finance Director, commented: “We were impressed with the way Bluegrass handled our simulation. They treated it as if it were a real event and we couldn’t fault their professionalism and attention to detail.”

“We learned some good lessons from the exercise and are now confident that if the real thing happens, we will still be able to carry out our day-to-day operations.”

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