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Cyber security is a growing concern for all businesses regardless of size. Cyber crime is indiscriminate, so any company that doesn’t have appropriate protection in place is a target.

The effects of a cyber attack can be highly damaging, if not catastrophic, so it’s vital that you take measures to safeguard your business.

With the number of attacks increasing and the constantly shifting nature of the crime, keeping abreast of the threat is a challenge. We can help make sure your business is protected.

The South West Cyber Security Report 2019

Download the Bluegrass South West Cyber Security Report – a unique insight into cyber security from the perspective of over 120 South-West based small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


Our antivirus solutions will protect your server and individual workstations from malware and viruses that may corrupt or disable your network and files.

Data Encryption

Our simple-to-use data encryption application will protect your data against theft, hacking malware, and accidental data loss.

Ransomware Protection

Every 40 seconds a ransomware attack hits a business. When you’re the target, our solution will provide the protection you need.

Two-factor Authentication

Our secure two-factor authentication solution provides powerful authentication to make remote access to your company network and sensitive data safe, but hassle-free.

Web Filtering

Our web filtering solution is a fast and flexible cloud-based web security solution that will protect your business from web-borne threats, such as viruses, malware, spyware and phishing sites.

Cyber Essentials

Approved by QG Management Standards (one of only four organisations accredited by the UK Government to manage the Cyber Essentials process), we can help your business achieve the Cyber Essentials scheme certification.

Safeguard your business
avoid cyber attack

We regularly evaluate the latest IT security products and keep up to date with the emerging threats and security trends. Armed with this insight, we can advise on the most appropriate products and solutions to protect your business.

No one solution offers sufficient protection on its own, so we will deliver a comprehensive security package that best suits the needs of your business and the current threat level.

All of our cyber security solutions are the best in the market and thoroughly tested, so your business will benefit from the highest level of protection.

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