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Cyber Security Small Business Guide

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Cyber Security Small Business Guide

For small businesses seeking cyber security guidance, we recommend the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) “Cyber Security Small Business Guide” (SBG). Available since October last year, the guide provides quick and easy-to-understand instruction and advice to help small businesses protect themselves from cyber crime.

The launch of the Small Business Guide Actions leaflet earlier this month is a helpful addition. The actions leaflet is a simple checklist to help businesses identify and document actions required from the Cyber Security Small Business Guide.

The actions fall under three headings:

  1. Policy – actions for the staff responsible for determining the overall cyber security policy.
  2. Technical – actions for the staff responsible for the setup and configuration of devices, networks and software.
  3. Training and awareness – actions for the staff responsible for implementing staff training and awareness.

The three sections should help business owners identify who within the organisation needs to take ownership of these actions and make sure they happen.

Completing the checklist is a good way of ensuring that you have done the best you can to protect your business from cyber crime. If you’re looking to improve your cyber security further and would like cyber security certification we recommend the Cyber Essentialsscheme.

For further cyber security advice, or for assistance with the Cyber Essentials Scheme (we are approved to assist with achieving certification), please give us a call on 01392 207194.


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