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Updated: 7th April 2020

Bluegrass are operating as normal but with all staff working remotely from home following government advice.

All our staff have the ability to work from home, access our systems and support our customers without disruption.

Our aim is that support and service will not be affected and clients can continue to contact us on the same number 01392 247 365, email us and raise tickets in the usual way.

We will keep this page updated regularly as the situations continues.


Top Tip for Staying Safe

Our MD David Thomas is passionate about fighting cybercrime and with hackers now also taking advantage of the panic and fear created by the spread of the coronavirus, we want you to stay alert and stay safe.

Multiple scams have already been doing the rounds, from credential theft from coronavirus themed emails to conspiracy theory campaigns promising cures to manipulate individuals. Cybercriminals are using all means to target individuals and organisations to install trojans, directing you to malicious websites and spread malware.

Here’s David’s top tips to keeping your business safe during this outbreak:

Beware of email scams

With hackers recently posing as the World Health Organisation that then asks for users personal contact details, you need to be very vigilant about every email you receive. Even if at first glance it seems genuine and legitimate. Be cautious about clicking on links, opening any attachments and think twice before you give away your personal details. A key way to spot the malware is by looking at the end of the link’s address. If it has the extension that is not .docx., .pdf or .mp4, it is probably not legitimate. Documents and video files should also not have been made with either .exe or .lnk formats.

 Don’t believe everything you see

Fake news is one to watch during this outbreak. Posts can go viral in minutes across social media and cause undue panic and damage. Check the source and ask yourself, it is really authentic? Our recommendation is to stick to sources that you know you can trust like and for the latest updates and advice. If you think you spotted some fake news, report it to the social channel you’ve seen it on to help stop it from spreading. This also applies to fake donations, charity impostors or untrustworthy crowdfunding sites.

Protect your systems

Review your business’s cyber security measures. Are they up to date, are they robust? If the answer isn’t a confident yes, make time to evaluate and implement the appropriate security measures. Or check with your IT supplier if you have one.

 Educate your employees

More than likely it will be an individual who is attacked, so make sure your employees understand what a threat looks like, how to check if it’s genuine and when to steer clear and report potential hacks. Even if you’ve had this conversation in the past, things are forgotten, so keep it front of mind. Add it to internal newsletters, discuss it in meetings or stand ups, or even put posters up around the office to raise awareness.

If you want to talk to us about keeping your business safe, get in touch on 01392 207 194 or email us, we’re always here to help.

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