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Choosing the right backup solution for your small business

Backup solution from Bluegrass IT Support

Choosing the right backup solution for your small business

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the future is unpredictable and disasters can happen without a moments notice. The need for small and medium sized businesses to have a robust and reliable backup and disaster recovery solution (BDR) in place has grown in importance over recent years.

Businesses of all sizes now own a huge amount of valuable data and any loss of this data would have huge detrimental effects on their business. In fact smaller businesses are at greater risk of data and loss and downtime if they don’t have the right solutions in place, especially if they have little or no IT support available.


So before you choose your backup and disaster recovery solution, here’s 5 important things to consider:


Is it easy to use?

Most small businesses don’t have in house IT help on hand, so wont have the time to learn or manage the system correctly. You need to know that should you experience a server failure, you can have your data and environment recreated in minutes with minimal downtime. Check if the solution you choose is easy to use, deploy or manage, or even better choose one that is supported by a local Managed Service Provider who can do all this for you.


Is it affordable?

Small and medium sized businesses don’t have the same budgets as large corporates but still need a comprehensive and quality solution should the worse ever happen. Thankfully there are solutions out there designed for small businesses that suit your budget whilst also providing you with complete peace of mind.


Is it reliable?

Once you’ve decided on your preferred solution, you want complete peace of mind that it’s running effectively in the background. Does your solution provide visual proofs of the backups? Are the backups frequent? Can you set the frequency of backups to compliment the critically of your data?


How quickly can your data be recovered?

Every minute and hour of downtime is going to cost your business money. Small businesses cant afford lengthy periods of downtime; it frustrates your staff, slows down your productivity and damages your customer relationship and reputation. Make sure your chosen system meet your recovery time objectives.


Is it flexible and scalable?

 Every business is different, so you need a solution that works around you. Can the solution seamlessly integrate into your current set up? Does it have the key functionality you’re looking for? Does it offer you a combination of on-premise and cloud based services for complete protection? Finally make sure you choose a solution that not only fits your business today, but one that can scale as your company grows.

Small businesses can’t afford downtime, yet also need a flexible and affordable solution that suits their budget.

Here at Bluegrass, we work with award winning industry leader Datto to provide our clients with a robust, reliable and affordable business continuity solution.

This solution lets you backup at a frequency of your choice, providing you with a visual screenshot as proof that your backup was successful. You can even compare backup points; so you never need to wonder when data was deleted, added or modified. You’ll know what changed and when in a matter of minutes. Should the worst happen, our solution will have your data and environment recreated in minutes. Meaning you can get on with what you do best; running your business.

To find out more about our flexible and affordable Datto Business Continuity solution, call us now on 01392 796 779 or email us.



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