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Changing your IT support provider?

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Changing your IT support provider?

Changing your IT support provider can often seem a daunting task. In our experience, many businesses put up with poor IT support as they fear what might go wrong during the switch over. An IT-dependent business may feel the risk of no service outweighs the potential benefit of moving provider.

However, the process of moving your IT support to another provider is ordinarily straightforward, pain-free and without IT downtime.

Common signs that it’s time to look for a new IT support provider:

  • You’re receiving a purely reactive, not proactive service.
  • Recurring IT issues aren’t being fixed.
  • Service levels are poor, and SLAs aren’t being met.
  • You receive no out-of-hours support.
  • You have out-of-hours support but at additional cost.
  • Your provider has inadequate cyber security and disaster recovery experience.

If your business is experiencing any of the above, it might be time for you to change to another IT support provider.

To ensure a smooth transition between IT support providers, we follow a standardised procedure as follows:

  1. We send a senior engineer out to the client’s premises to do a full audit and document the IT infrastructure.
  2. During the site visit, the engineer will speak to users and senior personnel to find out what IT issues they are experiencing on a day-to-day basis.
  3. We contact the incumbent IT provider and provide them with a checklist of the information we require to make the switch.
  4. We add all users into our IT management system. The day before the start date all users receive a welcome email from our Managing Director which explains the process of reporting IT issues and provides a list of contacts.
  5.  As soon as our IT support contract becomes live, we begin fixing the problems that were identified in our audit and schedule active maintenance.

Even in instances where the incumbent IT support provider hasn’t been particularly helpful towards the switch we have taken over the support without any IT downtime or issues for the client.

If you’re thinking of changing your IT support provider and would like to find out the benefits of our fixed price IT managed service, please give us a call on 01392 207194 or email us.


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