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Breathe new life into your old PC

Breathe new life into your old PC

As businesses across the country begin to tighten their belts for the predicted recession, the thought of investing in new technology could be an unthinkable one for some.

If you are struggling on with old devices and systems out of necessity, thankfully there are some cost effective things you can do.

Investing in smaller upgrades for your PC can have a big impact at the fraction of the cost of purchasing a brand new device.

Here’s what we would recommend:

Increase your RAM (memory)

Older PCs often used to only come with 4GB of RAM and this results in a struggle when you open too many tabs or use any heavy graphics programs. If your PC has available memory slots, consider upgrading your RAM with 8GB or 12GB, both of which will dramatically improve the performance of your machine.

Upgrade your Graphics Card

Outdated graphics cards can lead to a very frustrating user experience, especially if you use any type of video, imaging or 3D software at work. This low cost solution can add years to your PC and really improve the performance of the machine.

Buy an external Hard Drive 

If your computer is full to the brim with data, it can really slow it down. If you’ve deleted all the files you no longer need but are still struggling with space, invest in an external hard drive. You can then easily transfer files across from your PC to the hard drive and access them whenever you need them. As it’s portable too, its easy to use at home or in the office.

Review your fan and cooling system 

Computers hate getting hot, so we’d always recommend checking out your PCs fan and cooling system to see if it is working properly. An overheated PC is known to randomly reboot on it’s own or crash programs you’re trying to run.

Add more screens

Improve your laptop productivity with additional screen space by connecting an external monitor (or two) to your laptop. A new screen comes in at the fraction of the cost of a new PC, but can make multi tasking a breeze.

Replace your keyboard 

Have your letters rubbed off their keys? Spill some coffee and then never properly clean it up? Missing or sticky keys can make for frustrating typing. A new keyboard can bring new life back into your computer experience, for  a very affordable price.

Seek out the professionals 

If after all of this you’re still being driven mad by your slow PC, get in touch with the experts. We perform PC checks and cleans for lots of clients as a cost effective way to improve their performance.

Don’t struggle on, get in touch and we’ll find a fix that will improve your system and match your budget.

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