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Bluegrass featured in Tech Newstatesman

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Bluegrass featured in Tech Newstatesman

NS Tech is a new division of the century-old and globally respected New Statesman.

Our  group MD talks to NS Tech about the rise in businesses moving to the cloud since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Prior to Covid-19, there had been an appetite for cloud computing – and many businesses were adopting software-as-a-service (SaaS) products. However, it wasn’t growing as fast as Bluegrass Group had expected it to because there was still doubt among many companies about how trustworthy the cloud was.

“They wondered if cloud providers could look after their data and whether the cloud vendors would be there for support and what their uptime was going to be like,” Thomas says.

Some businesses still decided to use cloud infrastructure services, and some of those would want to use the benefits of cloud computing to enable more of their workforce to work remotely.

Since the pandemic started, this has changed dramatically. As remote working has become crucial, Bluegrass has seen an uptick in the number of organisations moving to the cloud, with SaaS growing in popularity in particular.

Bluegrass is helping many of its customers with different areas of cloud computing support.

“So we start with Azure. We can provide them with a logical physical platform in the cloud so they can de-risk their offices by not having hardware there. Then you’ve got services like Office 365 – that could just be either just the Office products or also video conferencing with Microsoft Teams,” he says.

For the full article visit NS Tech.

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