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Beware of a false tech support scam

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Beware of a false tech support scam

Warning of a false tech support scam. Following the recent WannaCry outbreak, criminals are taking advantage of the situation to con people out of money.

Cyber criminals are using a popup alert to trick computer users into believing they have been infected with the WanaCry ransomware. The popup, claiming to be from Microsoft, appears out of the blue on your screen and directs you to call a technical support number. The popup alert cannot be removed.

If you call the number, the person you speak to will try to sell you a Microsoft malicious software removal tool (which you can download for free) for $400.

To protect yourself, remember the following:

  • Microsoft error and warning messages on your PC will never include a phone number.
  • Microsoft will never proactively reach out to you to provide unsolicited PC or technical support. Any communication they have with you must be always initiated by you.

If you’re unsure about the legitimacy of an email or think you’ve been targeted with a false tech support scam, always contact your IT support provider for advice.


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