Covid – The catalyst for change in the Legal sector  

Guest blog  Robert Camp – Robert Camp Consulting There’s no doubt that every sector has experienced rapid and fundamental changes within their business over the last 6 months, but for the legal sector, this has been especially exponential. An industry known for its traditional working practices, with an abundance of regulatory requirements and ​a reluctance […]

Top tips when choosing the right server cloud back-up for your business

Hardware and software updates can be expensive and inconvenient. Integrating cloud computing can be a strategic business move, freeing up resources, improving performance and ultimately, lowering the cost of your IT. Your business needs are changeable. But luckily, as cloud computing can be scaled up and down it can remain flexible to your requirements. Using cloud […]

Use the recent past to plan for the future

In March 2020 when Covid hit, businesses had to act at a frighteningly quick pace to move their operations to remote working or to mothball them. We saw flexibility from employees to adapt to new working conditions, hastily implemented new systems, communication issues that eventually got resolved, largely, by the likes of Teams and Zoom, […]

Reflecting on Covid-19; effects on business growth

Our Group MD talks exclusively to our Partner Datto, the world’s leading provider of cloud-based software and technology solutions, about Covid 19 and the effects on our business as a South West Managed Services Provider. Q: How did the global pandemic affect your business operations over the last four months? Did it present growth opportunities? […]

Cyber safety for the ‘New Normal’

As a South West IT provider who is passionate about Cyber Security, we wanted to share our top tips for staying vigilant through Covid-19. Even though restrictions are lowering, cyber hackers are still at large targeting any size of business, in any sector, all across the UK. Remote working is now here to stay and […]