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Are you using old tech?

Old technology

Are you using old tech?

It can be hard to keep up with the constantly changing technology landscape as a business owner who has 101 things to do.

There are so many tools and apps and pieces of software, that knowing which ones to use and which ones have actually retired can be a minefield.

Even though discontinued technology might still run fine across your devices, the danger is the risk of attacks it presents to your network, such as a potential data breach.

This isn’t the only reason to keep your technology current. Using outdated tech can actually disgruntle staff and put off prospective employees. If your business isn’t moving with the times, it’s probably getting left behind and missing out on new features and efficiencies. Staff will quickly pick up on this and get frustrated.

Frustrated staff is one thing, but unproductive staff is another. Old technology can be clunky, slow and inefficient, meaning your competitors could be gaining the edge on you.

As an IT support partner, we would always recommend saying goodbye to outdated and discontinued tech. Such as these:

Adobe Flash 

Adobe stopped supporting their Flash player back in January 2021, including security updates, so if you still have this on your devices, make sure you uninstall the browser plugin and any Flash software.

Internet Explorer 

Internet Explorer (IE) used to be the top dog when it came to browsers across the globe. Now the likes of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, which was introduced in 2015, have taken over. Microsoft are encouraging users to move across to Edge now as IE lost support back in June 2022. If you’re still using it, it’s really time to say goodbye.

Windows 7 and previous 

Windows 7 still can technically operate, however it is vulnerable to attacks. Any Windows operating system which is out of support is a key target for cyber criminals. We would suggest moving onto it’s replacements Windows 10 or Windows 11 to protect your business and also enjoy the added features these newer systems have to offer.

Microsoft SQL Server 2014

Mainstream support for this popular database tool has already ended and by July 2024, all support including security updates will cease too. So there is slightly less rush on this one to upgrade right away, but don’t leave it too long or forget all together. Allow your business enough time for testing of the new upgrade so the transition is nice and smooth.

We understand moving away from familiar technology can be daunting, so if you’d like some help or advice on how to do this without disrupting your business, get in touch with our team on 01392 796 779 or email us


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