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Are you ready for Windows 11?

Are you ready for Windows 11?

After 6 long years, the next big Windows update is on the horizon; Windows 11 is due to be launched very soon.

But are your devices ready for it?

Before we explain what we mean by this, let’s outline the key facts:

Word on the street is that Windows 11 (the successor to Windows 10) should be out around late October 2021.

However, we don’t know yet if that is just for new PCs and Laptops, meaning existing device upgrades might have to wait until 2022.

It won’t cost you anything to upgrade, but…in an unprecedented move, Microsoft has changed the minimum system requirements needed to run its operating system if you’re upgrading from 10 to 11.

And that’s created a headache for a lot of people.

On the plus side, the changes mean you’ll get increased security, reliability, and compatibility. In fact Microsoft are claiming Windows 11 to be ‘the most secure release yet’.

But the minimum system requirements might mean that some of your devices might not be up to spec to upgrade.

To help clear the fog of confusion around Windows 11, here are the minimum hardware requirements the new OS requires:

• An Intel Core processor from 2017 onwards. Or AMD Zen processors from 2019 onwards
• 4GB of RAM
• 64GB of hard drive storage
• Oh, and it all hinges on having a TPM (Trusted Platform Model) 2.0 chip

While Windows has required all its devices since 2016 to have the TPM chip, many of them haven’t been activated.

Our Joint Managing Director Chris Thomas comments “One of the requirements of Windows 11 is that your computer has something called a Trusted Platform Model (TPM) chip. This is a special tamper-proof chip to generate, store and protect encryption keys. You’ll find one in most recent computers.

But often it hasn’t been enabled by default. To switch it on, you have to dive deep into the security or boot sequence settings. In my experience, most people are very uncomfortable changing anything here, for fear of killing their computer.”

Chris added “For businesses with lots of computers, checking which ones can be upgraded to Windows 11, and then checking the TPM chip in each is going to be a lot of work and hassle. Windows 11 looks beautiful and I’m sure is going to be a very popular operating system. I’m working closely with my clients now to help them prepare to upgrade, and I advise all local businesses to do the same.”

Windows 11 is going to deliver loads of great features and system improvements, but if the compatibility requirements have left you confused, simply get in touch with our team of experts on 01392 796 779 or email us today.

We can offer a full check across your devices to see if you’re ready for Windows 11.


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