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Android Phishing Trojan Stealing Bank Details

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Android Phishing Trojan Stealing Bank Details

Research from one of our security partners has highlighted new phishing malware that runs on Android devices with the aim of stealing bank credentials.

Over the last few months, cyber criminals have moved into sophisticated apps that steal the user name and password of your mobile banking apps. If you have an iPhone, keep reading – some of this applies to you too.  When installed the app (malware) monitors the infected phone for a targeted mobile banking app to be opened and then runs a phishing overlay over the legitimate banking app.  Using a fake login interface, it then steals the victim’s banking details.

Google monitors for criminal apps on the Google Play app store and kicks out malicious apps, but other websites do not. Please remember to:

  1. Never download apps from other websites (this is called a “sideload”).
  2. Keep your device updated with the latest version of the Operating System, both phones, and tablets.
  3. Do not tap (click) on text messages that you did not expect or are suspicious. True for iPhones too!
  4. To prevent malware infections, do not use your phone to surf inappropriate sites as the risks are very high on those sites.

In short, on your workstation, your tablet or your smartphone… Think Before You Click!

Cyber security is a growing concern for businesses. It’s important to take as many precautions as you can to prevent your business being affected by a security attack.

If you’d like to find out what security protection measures are available, please contact us.


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