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Keeping a healthy mindset when working from home

Keeping a healthy mindset when working from home

As today marks World Health Day and as we all try to get through each day of this chaotic and disruptive situation, we want to provide some advice to support you through this time. We’ve teamed up with local Exeter based High Performance Mentor Tom Murphy – Life According to Murf to provide some healthy advice.

A bit about Tom:

I offer a variety of mentoring & coaching services that will discover your purpose, help you overcome personal challenges, and allow you to achieve a level of high performance. I cater to each of my client’s personal needs in order to unlock their full potential whilst achieving your highest level of success & happiness.

A big part of this is having the right mindset and commitment to change. If I can help people take control of their mindset now, then they have a greater chance of staying healthy and might actually come out of this pandemic with a stronger, more resilient mind.

Here are my top tips for keeping a healthy mindset when working from home:

  • If possible your work environment should have natural light, plant life & an ergonomic set up
  • Set structure in your day, ensure you have daily goals with actions to tick off as we do them
  • Give yourself regular breaks from screens and exercise at least once per day
  • Continue to have as many human connections during your day
  • Use 45-60 minute time slots without phone, email etc to get tasks completed
  • Get at least 30 minutes of sunlight & exposure to nature
  • Video link with at least two people per day

Working from home is empowering and exciting, however understanding the differences to working in our traditional working environment is important to maintaining a positive state of wellbeing. When we aren’t working from home we have many human interactions, we exercise more than we realise, we have exposure to sunlight, nature and we typically have a well supervised, structured day. Whilst at home we must try to keep structure and be mindful that we need to maintain connections to people and nature, as well as maintaining a strong sense of achievement to keep a positive state of mind. If you are unsure if your home working environment is conducive to the above, we recommend you speak to your employer about this.

Here at Bluegrass, we’ve also put together ‘Your essential guide to successful remote working‘ for tips on engaging your staff, protecting your data and running smooth video calls.

Technology is playing a big part in how we communicate and engage with each other during this pandemic, so if you need some advice on how to maximize the use of your current IT or take advantage of the latest tools available, call us today on 01392 207 194 or email us.


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