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6 ways to improve your video calls in 2021

6 ways to improve your video calls in 2021

Never before have you been on so many video calls than throughout the last 10 months. With remote working now a firm favourite for both staff and employers, video calling is clearly here to stay.

Now is the time to make sure your calls in 2021 are as productive and professional as possible – here are 6 ways how:

A solid connection

An unstable or slow internet connection can cause havoc when it comes to video calling. Check if you’re on the fastest possible connection in your area. Maybe Fibre is now available? Failing that get back to basics and use a cable to connect your laptop to the router, instead of going wireless.

Good lighting

This will make the biggest difference to your picture quality. Position yourself with a window in front of you. Never sit with a window behind you because you’ll become a big shadow.

If you don’t have a window, use a light directed at your face or bounced off a wall. It creates a flattering look.

Investing in your webcam

You’ll no doubt have one in your laptop which is ok, but you can do better. Get an HD webcam. Or use your phone with an app such as EpocCam. Always position it at eye level.

If you need the very best picture quality, connect a DSLR camera with a capture card.

Sound quality

Get yourself a headset to give you a clearer, more crisp sound. Alternatively, invest in a dedicated USB microphone.

If you’re struggling with a lot of background noise, check the audio settings in your video call software. Set ‘suppress background noise’ to auto, which should help with this.

Eliminate distractions

Close down your email, other applications and social media pages, these are all likely to ping notifications at you and they will zap your attention. Focus on the meeting in hand, take notes and be engaged.

Be prepared

15 minutes before the call, check how you look. Are you dressed appropriately, is there food on your face? Open up the software and make sure it connects correctly. Are you comfortable with the features of the software? Do you know how to mute yourself and share content. List out your key talking points and put them in front of you to act as a reminder. Video calls can be shorter than face to face meetings, so it’s important you get across the points you need to before the call ends.

No matter what platform you’re using, Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp or anything else – these tips will maximise each call you have in 2021 and we reckon you might have quite a few!

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