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5 questions to ask your Exeter based IT provider

5 questions to ask your Exeter based IT provider

Here at Bluegrass Group, we’ve have been providing IT support to businesses across Exeter since 2007.

During this time we’ve learnt a lot about what our clients need from their IT partner to ensure that when it comes to their technology, they never need to worry.

Since the start of the pandemic your Exeter based business has had to change a lot. You’ve had to look at IT is a whole new way.

This increased reliance on technology has heightened your need for a proactive, reliable and innovative IT partner.

But how do you find one?

One of the key questions you should ask your Exeter based IT provider is:

‘Can we work together in partnership, rather than just calling you when things go wrong?’

The answer should be a very confident yes!

In fact, we only work with our clients this way. We don’t want to be just another one of your suppliers, we want to get into the detail of what your business is trying to achieve.

We listen. We then come up with ways in which technology can support your business goals, without costing you the earth.

If you current Exeter based IT company isn’t doing this, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Another key questions you should ask your potential IT company is:

‘Do you have a clear plan in place for if our IT goes down?’

IT downtime will cost your business money, at worse, it could even mark the end of your operations for good.

Your IT service provider should work with you to create a robust disaster recovery plan.

A disaster recovery plan will be different for every business.

One of the very first things we work on with our clients is disaster recovery. We ensure each client has an off-site back-up of all of their data, which is updated every day (sometimes continually all day, every day). And we regularly check and verify it to make sure it’s working, too.

So while we’re getting to know you and your team, we learn about the systems which are vital to you and the data you collect. That way we can identify what you can keep the business running without, and for how long.

Does your current IT partner have this covered?

These are just two important questions that as a potential IT service provider we often get asked. We reveal the full top 5 questions in our latest PDF.

Download it now. 

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