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4 reasons why you need an IT strategy

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4 reasons why you need an IT strategy

IT is a critical business component yet we often find that not enough attention is paid to IT when setting the business plan.

Regardless of your business size, it is essential you create an IT strategy to support your business.

Here are 4 reasons why you need an IT strategy:

  1. Support business growth – for a business to grow it needs the right IT infrastructure behind it. A strategic IT plan will map out what technology is needed and how it will be deployed to assist the aims and objectives of your business.
  2. Manage technology – it is easy to be swayed by the latest technology and want to implement it in your business even if you don’t really need it or have the resource to implement it. Developing a plan will enable you to identify what new technology your business is likely to require and determine how you will manage its implementation.
  3. Budget appropriately – an IT strategy can help you identify the areas where your IT budget will have the biggest impact on productivity. It can also help reduce costs by identifying where money can be saved (on licenses and equipment) and securing the best deals through planning ahead.
  4. Allocate resource – an IT strategy makes it clear within the IT team, what their focus is and where resource needs to deployed. A key strategic decision will be whether to outsource your IT to an IT managed services provider or to keep it in-house.

We develop an IT strategy for all our new IT managed service clients which is reviewed and updated on an annual basis. The process includes an audit of the client’s business strategy, long-term vision and current IT processes to understand where the gaps are. We then recommend and prioritise what technology and processes are needed to meet our client’s needs and help them achieve their long-term vision.

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