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25 trees planted for every new client

25 trees planted for every new client

As part of their mission to ‘Turn Bluegrass Green’ Exeter based IT support business Bluegrass Group are delighted to announce that they will be planting 25 trees for every new client that signs up for support, starting from 16th November 2021.

Joint Managing Director David Thomas comments ‘As a business we want to become more aware of our impact on the planet and we’re keen to take measures to offset our business footprint. This is one of the first steps we will take in order to become a more sustainable business.

It’s critical that every individual and every business takes action against the climate crisis that we all collectively face. We’re really excited to start seeing our forest grow and we’ll be sharing updates along the way.”

Bluegrass have partnered with UK based tree planting experts More:Trees who work with tree planting projects across the world.

The variety of projects they get involved with supporting local communities, wildlife projects and also supporting struggling farmers across the global.

Project locations include Madagascar, Kenya and Haiti.

How does planting 25 trees help our planet?

Planting 25 most needed trees will sequester an estimated 7.50 of carbon.
7.50 tonnes of CO2 sequestration. That’s equivalent to 18,322.50 miles in a standard car!
Carbon dioxide is one of the biggest drivers of climate change, which makes forests one of our greatest solutions.

Trees capture and absorb carbon dioxide from the air while releasing oxygen in its place. And, their size, root systems and long life span mean they can do this at scale.

Planting trees also brings numerous co-benefits, including shelter, water filtration, biodiversity and poverty alleviation.


The team at Bluegrass Group are very excited to start offsetting their business footprint and watch their virtual forest grow.


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